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1PC Remote Shortcut Manager  v. / Misc-Shareware3.46 Mb
2Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint  v.5.0Business / Miscellaneous$29.95Shareware1.02 Mb
3Shortcut Manager for Excel  v.1.0Business / Miscellaneous-Shareware727 Kb
4Shortcut Manager for Publisher  v.1.0Business / Miscellaneous-Shareware706 Kb
5Shortcut Manager ActiveX  v.2.4.8Development / ActiveX$85.00Shareware746 Kb
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1Shortcuts for PowerPoint  v.3.2Business / Miscellaneous-SharewareDetail

Shortcuts for PowerPoint is a free add-on to Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint

1.47 Mb
2PC Remote Shortcut Manager  v. / Misc-SharewareDetail

PC Remote ShortCut Manager allows administrators to create and deploy shortcuts to remote machines on the network.

3.46 Mb
3EMCO Remote Shortcut Manager  v.2.0.10Internet / Misc$135.00SharewareDetail

EMCO Remote ShortCut Manager 1.0 can be of help when you need to create a shortcut on a remote machine's. You can select from many different locations to paste the shortcut in e.g.. Desktop or the Startmenu for instance.It has built-in three methods

2.2 Mb
4HDShortcutter  v.3.2Utilities / PrintersFreeFreewareDetail

Drag your common-used application, file, folders and anything else to shortcut manager, then you can open the application, file, folders very quickly, easily switch, open, close.

399 Kb
5Shortcut Manager ActiveX  v.2.4.8Development / ActiveX$85.00SharewareDetail

Shortcut Manager ActiveX is a dll control for software developers and software authors. With this control you can manage items in Start Menu, Send to, Quick Launch and etc.

746 Kb
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1Shortcutor  v.1.5Utilities / System ToolsFreeFreeware0 Kb

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2Free Shortcut Fix  v.2.0.8Utilities / File ManagementFreeFreeware1.26 Mb

shortcut fixer, free shortcut fixer, free shortcut repair, shortcut software, free shortcut software, shortcut manager, free shortcut manager

3Blue Jet Button  v. / Launchers$24.95Shareware0 Kb

quick launch, create shortcut, shortcut manager, launch application, application launcher, manage short

4Shortcuts Manager  v. / Components & LibrariesFreeFreeware0 Kb

shortcuts manager, activex library, activex dll, shortcut manager, activex, library, shortcut

5PCBooster Free Shortcut Remover  v.7.3.5Utilities / Diagnostics & OptimizersFreeFreeware1.1 Mb

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